With ongoing world crises, occurrences of violence and more frequent natural disasters, if you feel that the global order may be near collapse, you are not alone.    Fortunately, recent research has demonstrated that we are living in one of the most prosperous eras in history. Driven by global partnerships in trade, free markets, and free peoples, a more sustainable world is at our fingertips. 

Global GoalsCast is a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organizations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world. 

In 2015, 193 world leaders signed a global agenda with 17 goals to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world by the year 2030.  These goals cover a broad range of issues, such as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.  

The podcast will make these goals easier to understand, more relatable, and feel more attainable for every listener. Each episode offers listeners inspirational stories, high quality data, and numerous ways in which they can take action and personally contribute to the global efforts of making the goals’ achievement possible.  

The actions of millions – from individuals to corporations and organizations to governments alike – will move the world forward.  If each of us pulls in the right way, the world will move. That is what this series is about.  It is about the unlikely heroes spurring change, innovation, and disruption that can help end extreme poverty, tackle climate change, and produce a more equitable world by 2030.