The New Vaccine Divide

The fight to curb Covid-19 has created a new divide between those who have had the vaccine and those who have not. The United States, The United Kingdom and other well off countries are on their way to immunizing their entire adult population. Yet dozens of less wealthy countries have yet to receive their first…

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The Dangerous Impact COVID-19 Is Having On Human Rights

By Amanda Friedland Everyone is affected by Covid-19 in some form.  While many of our lives have been inconvenienced through limitations on gatherings and dining, there are millions of people facing a human rights crisis amid this ongoing pandemic. “Across the globe, illiberal or authoritarian regimes are using the pandemic as a pretext to crack…

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The Crisis of the Global Goals Part II: Actions we need now!

Putting the world back on track after the pandemic will require a level of cooperation and partnership unlike anything we have seen. That is the conclusion of experts convened by Global GoalsCast to assess the crisis of the Sustainable Development Goals and the road forward. The world before the pandemic proved dangerously vulnerable because of…

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