Artificial Intelligence Reveals 61% of People are Alarmed and Concerned About Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence Reveals 61% of People are Alarmed and Concerned About Climate Change

January 25, Davos Switzerland — In a podcast session during the World Economic Forum with Robert and Barney Swan, the father-son explorer duo who flew to Davos directly after their 600-mile journey across Antarctica, Global GoalsCast, a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to take action around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), presented the first global Climate Change Sentimeter in partnership with the data science company CulturIntel.

Hosted by Global GoalsCast co-hosts Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush, the session with the Swan explorers took place at the Arctic Basecamp at Schatzalp in Davos in an effort to bring the climate change topic into the center of the World Economic Forum, by reporting the global mindset, igniting discussion and sparking action on this key global issue.  

This session marks the global debut of the CulturIntel algorithm using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to mine the sentiment and mindset of the people towards the Global Goals from open digital discussions, across the G7 countries, Mexico, Colombia and India.  This analysis was based on over 40 million digital discussions, making it one of the largest data sets ever used to understand the voice of the citizens and their relationship with the SDGs.

The CulturIntel Sentimeter reported a concerning split in global mindset on climate change, resulting in 61% being alarmed and worried and 39% either questioning the issue or being neutrally concerned; therefore, ranking other issues as bigger priorities.  The analysis reports most discussions associated with the global climate change are 71% focused on the problem, with only 14% focused on solutions and 15% predictions. This highlights a world that is concerned, yet finds it difficult to articulate or get engaged in positive and practical ways to bring solutions forward. 

This finding confirms the need for platforms like Global GoalsCast, that was ‘inspired by and launched to deliver content and stories to demystify the SDGs and positively engage everyday citizens, giving tangible actions to contribute to solutions towards creating a more sustainable world,’ said Romo Edelman.  

“We hope this partnership between Global GoalsCast and CulturIntel in Davos allows us to not only inspires and empower leaders with human-driven-insights but also engages everyday people to be part of solutions for a more sustainable world,” said Liliana Gil Valletta, Co-founder and CEO of CIEN+ CulturIntel and WEF Young Global Leader.

The Swans further highlight the need for action against climate change during the recently released episode of Global GoalsCast Journey Across Antarctica: The Swans and Climate Change that was featured in Apple Podcasts on January 22nd, 2018.

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